What's been happening at Explorers Nursery? ......
Two tortoises called Milo and Kivi came to stay in Nursery for a week. We learnt how to look after them and make sure they were happy. The tortoises lived in a special home, they had a heat mat to keep them warm and a special lamp that was just like their own sun. We made sure the tortoises had fresh water and food every day. Milo was very hungry and ate the lettuce quickly. Kivi liked to climb up the ramp and sunbathe under the special lamp. We loved having the tortoises to stay and hope they can come back soon!
We shared the 'Little Red Hen' story and talked about the importance of helping each other. We thought about how it makes us feel when our friends help us and had some ideas of different ways we could help each other. Everyday we help to get the fruit snack ready and help each other to do up the zips on our coats.
We enjoyed making pictures that told the Little Red Hen's story, we used our hand print to make the chicken image and added lots of details with collage and drawing.
We explored ice, touching it with our hands, noticing how cold it felt, feeling how heavy big ice cubes are and how slippery it is in our fingers! We learnt lots of new words to describe how cold things feel when we touch them and discovered what happens to ice as it warms up and begins to melt.
We discovered that circles are great for drawing snowmen and enjoyed creating lots of different snowmen with play-dough, painting, collage and drawing.
In role play we created our own igloo and used magnets to catch fish from our pretend ice hole!