Beach School

What is beach School?

Beaches are wonderful and inspirational places for children and adults to learn. Beach School is about children building self-esteem and independence through exploring and experiencing the natural world.  It is based on the principles and philosophies of Forest Schools.  

At St George’s Beach School is run in 6 week blocks and is delivered by a trained Beach School leader within a natural beach environment.

Each Beach School programme is tailored to meet the needs of individuals within that group and is continuously developed as the children grow in confidence, skills and understanding.

Sessions are not timetable or workbook led, instead they are led by the children themselves using their interests and imagination. However sessions are structured through qualified leaders. This sort of outdoor-based learning can be complimentary and not separate from learning in a traditional classroom environment.

What the children say about Beach School
“We get to splash in puddles, climb on rocks and run all the way down to the sea”

“It was fun because we get to make things. I enjoyed thinking what to build with wood and pebbles”

“We made friends with a turtle and made boats so he could go back to sea. We made a shelter for the turtle to protect him. We did Braveheart running to the sea”

“I loved running up and down on the sand because the beach is so big”

“We found a turtle and we had to take care of him. We built shelters for him to keep him warm. We used sand,sticks, stones, shells and driftwood.”

“We found a really big rock pool when we were looking for shells. We thought we might even spot a fish!”