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Below are resources to use when learning at home. If you are unable to access these, please ring the school office during
opening times. 01237 477262
Welcome to Explorers at St George's
We'd like to say a big hello from everyone at Nursery to children and families who are choosing to learn at home. 
We'll continue to support home learning through our weekly letter. Themed activities and suggestions for learning will be similar to those being enjoyed by children at Nursery.
To keep in touch with the Nursery team please email us at -
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Websites to support learning at home ....
Devon Libraries are available online. You can download books to your devices using your borrower number or create a new membership. For more information click the link below.
Topmarks are offering online maths games that support your child with counting activities and lots of other early maths learning. Click the link below to take you to the page.

On March 13th the BBC launched their 'Tiny Happy People' resources providing lots of ideas, guidance and activities to support your child's communication skills. The link below will take you to the activities page, all you need to do is select your child's age band to find out more.

There are fun online games and activities for young children on the CBeebies website.

Try one of Disney’s ten minute ‘shake ups’ with the NHS. There are lots of Disney themed activities for your child to join in with on the link below.


* Learning safely together - always supervise your child whenever they are online *

What's been happening at Explorers?
Scroll down to see some of the exciting learning activities and experiences that we enjoy in Nursery.
Counting ....
We helped to discover how many finger puppets there were on the plate. When we tried to count them we found out that moving things one at a time as we count makes counting easier and more accurate. Some of us discovered that organising the puppets into a line before counting them was another great strategy. We are learning that the last number we say when we are counting is the total.
Circles ....
We learnt all about circles and discovered how special they are. We found out that circles are the only 2D shape that has no corners and the only 2D shape that can roll. We looked for circles in our environment and found them hiding all over the place, can you see any circles?
Kandinsky Circles ....
We looked at the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky's pictures of circles and used his style as inspiration for our own circle painting and printing.
Christmas .....
Christmas is a special time in Nursery with lots of fun activities to enjoy. We learnt all about Jesus' birth and discovered that the star on our Nursery Christmas tree is just like the one that appeared when Jesus was born. It was very special to be invited to decorate a tree at the St Margaret's Church Christmas Tree Festival. We made lots of glittery snowflakes and our friends in Reception made lovely Angels. Everyone thought our tree was beautiful.
Bubbles bubbles everywhere ....
We wondered what it would look like outside if it snowed so we used bubbles to turn everything white. We even managed to build a lovely bubbly snowman!
Fun in the forest......
We love our time in the school forest. The giant mud kitchen is a firm favourite! We enjoy creating fantastic, weird and wonderful recipes with mud, grass, leaves, twigs and all sorts of natural materials. As we play we use lots of mathematical vocab, explore capacity and investigate different textures and mixtures. It's very messy and great fun!
People who help us...
On November 5th the firefighters from Appledore Fire Station brought their fire engine to Nursery. We were very excited to hear the siren, sit in the engine, try on a helmet and have a go at spraying the hose! 
A Harvest Celebration ...
We worked together to create our fantastic Harvest Loaf for the federation Harvest Festival display at St Margaret’s Church.
Bandstand fun....
We loved singing, playing instruments and dancing in our bandstand. We made up our own music, thought of new words for well known songs and performed our own interpretations of favourite nursery rhymes.
Lots of boxes .........
We love playing in boxes. We use our boxes to hide, pretend and imagine. As we play we develop communication skills, practise and explore gross motor movement and learn to share and cooperate with each other.