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Wilderness Fridays - every Friday afternoon Reception will be in the Wilderness. Please dress your child in suitable clothing, long sleeved top and trousers. Your child must have a coat, waterproofs and wellie boots.
Unfortunately due to Covid-19 guidance, we cannot lend your child spare outdoor clothing. As it starts to get colder, your child might like to wear a hat, scarf and gloves.
Books - your child will soon be able to borrow a library book each week. Your child will need to bring their book bag in on Mondays and Fridays only so that books can be updated on a weekly basis.
Phonics - Your child will receive a Letters and Sounds pack and every Friday, their pack will be updated with the latest sounds.
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If you would like to contact Mrs Trask or Miss Smyth here is a reminder of our email addresses:
Since returning back to school after half term we have been exploring 'weather'. We have been looking at a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. We are exploring different ways to measure different types of weather. We are exploring temperature, rain fall, wind. We have identified lots of different types of weather which is helping us to develop a broader range of vocabulary. 
Activities you could try at home:
  • Weather walks - what do you see, feel, hear
  • Create a weather chart
  • Talk about different types of weather or seasons
  • Watch a weather forecast
 Please send in what you get up to via Evidence Me, this could be pictures, clips or some weather language you included in your talks and walks. We can't wait to see what you get up to!