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Now that schools are closed for most children, we need to move to online learning. This may sound strange or scary but please do not worry, we do not expect you to become an over night teacher! But remember you are the people who taught your children from the very beginning and you know what their next steps are and how to get them there. So just keep doing what you have always done.
All online learning can be accessed from home via our app Evidence Me. Please check the app daily for new tasks and clips. 
Your child will have daily Phonics and Maths sessions as well as a broad range of learning activities to enjoy at home. You will be able to use the app to share your child's Home Learning journey with us during lockdown so please keep taking photos or videos of what they are up to. 
Either Mrs Trask or Miss Smyth will be online daily on Evidence Me to support or respond to the things you share.
We will post ideas for learning activities on this page on the school website too but will not be able to share the videos on here. 
If you have any queries or issues accessing the online learning, please get in touch via:
Mrs Trask -
Miss Smyth -
 And above all else...... stay safe and have fun! 
 And please stay in touch.
Week 7: 23rd - 26th February 2021
Welcome back Reception!
This week we will explore Spring. We will read stories, watch video clips and explore growth, seeds and change.
 Here are some activities to keep you busy:
  •  Make a rain gauge - collect rain water from the Spring time showers and see how much rain falls? What could you use to measure it? Think about the language you might use to explain what you notice.
  • Go on a spring walk - use your senses to explore spring sounds, sights, scents, feelings.
  • Giant art - draw a large tree and decorate it to look like a tree in the Spring. You might want to use resources instead to create a 3D tree. You could use sticks, twigs, petals, feathers - natural objects you find.
  • Make a Spring garden potion. Don't forget to cast some spells and use you magic wand to stir it up.
  • Build a bug hotel and then make some invitations to invite all the creatures in your garden to move in or join a party.
  • Develop a Garden Centre role play - find some garden equipment, plants pots, vegetables, flowers to use as props.
  • Get digging in the garden - make a digging area in your garden. Explore some new tools and learnt their names and what they are used for. E.g. trowel, rake, spade
Here are some videos for you to explore:
  • World Book Day Song - 
  • World Book Day Clips -
  • Baby Animals -
  • Time-lapse of Seed Growing -
  • Peep Plants a Seed -
Here are the links to the Letters and Sounds videos for this week.
The focus is on: recapping words with s, blending and some of our newest sounds:
Children can practise their phonic skills by accessing free games and activities here: 
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