School Closure 19/03/2020

Coronavirus: School closure


Dear Parents,  


I am writing to you to confirm that the Government have announced that schools, colleges and early years settings will be closed to everyone except children of key workers and other identifiable children as from Monday March 23rd, as part of the country’s ongoing response to coronavirus. I hope that the information below will be of use:


Information for parents of those children not attending school from Monday March 23rd. . We have made the following provision:

  1. Work packs for children in both settings can be found on the respective school websites (visit curriculum then your child’s year group).
  2. Advice and guidance relating to the provision for online learning throughout the period of closures can be found on the accompanying documents. St. George’s will be using ‘Purple Mash’ and St. Margaret’s ‘Google Classroom’. Rest assured, we continue to communicate with you at regular intervals throughout the period of closure as how best to use this online learning facility.

A staff team will be in school throughout this period and will be contactable via the two offices.


Information for parents of those children for whom the Government has stated that we are obliged to provide a form of provision during school hours.

1. The Government have informed us that they will provide clearly defined categories of what constitutes a key worker. At present they have stated that the following roles will be included within this category: NHS staff, police and delivery drivers. [See the link below for a full list of Key Workers, which was released after publication of this letter.] If it is your understanding that your role is defined as being that of a key worker and you would like your child to attend school, then please contact either school office by email or telephone message by 4:00 p.m. Friday March 20th.

n.b. If you are deemed to be a key worker, yet have childcare provision, then you may choose to keep your child at home. This will obviously help reduce the number of children attending school each day and therefore minimise the risk of spreading the virus.


2. Over the next 24 hours, we will make contact with parents of other children (identifiable by the Government’s definition), who will also be able to attend school throughout the period of closure. 


These are clearly challenging times for us all. Our primary aim is to support the authorities in combating the rapid spread of the coronavirus.


Your support in these revised measures is greatly appreciated.


Kind regards,

Mr. Jim Williams

(Executive Headteacher).