School Nursing Team

Integrated Children's Services School Nursing Team

The School Nursing Service across Devon is required to make sure all children and young people in Devon’s maintained schools, colleges and academies, or are resident in Devon, to have access to a school nurse 52 weeks a year to provide information and support to all school aged children and their families.


We work in partnership with schools to support the development of health policies that impact on all children and young people, and to support pupils at school with medical conditions.


Working together with schools we:


  • Ensure that school staff have the information they need to support children with health concerns. The training package we offer is now accredited and includes epilepsy awareness, asthma, and management of medicines in schools in addition to anaphylaxis and use of auto-injectors (epipens)
  • Identify and support children and young people with medical conditions, to ensure they access the whole curriculum and are not disadvantaged
  • Plan for support at transitions as required which includes transitions in and out of the school within the school year
  • Provide appointment clinics for young people in arrangement with secondary schools
  • Provide targeted hearing screens where a concern has been identified and consent gained for screening
  • Provide support, and advice in relation toileting issues, healthy lifestyles, sleep routines and mental health and wellbeing