General Wearing of school uniform and correct PE kit is a part of our home school agreement which all parents and children sign at the time of admission. We believe that uniform makes a clear break between school time and home time, as well as fostering a community feel for all school members.
Our school uniform is as follows:
  • Green sweatshirt (available from the school office) for Reception children
  • Red sweatshirt(available from the school office) for children in Year 1 and Year 2
  • White polo shirt
  • Black trousers, tailored shorts or skirt
  • Blue check or striped dresses in warmer weather
  • Black shoes which are secure to your child's foot
  • Black or grey tights, or socks (of any colour)
Fleeces and sweatshirts are available from the School Office.
Please can we remind you that it is essential to name all items of your child’s school uniform as this ensures that missing items can be quickly returned to their owners.
Jewellery is not practical, can be dangerous and only leads to heartache and wasted time when it is lost or damaged. Only small studs should be worn by children with pierced ears. This greatly reduces the danger of ears being torn or injured during organised games or boisterous play. Children are expected to be able to remove their own ear studs before PE – staff are unable to help with this. It is a good idea to supply your child with a small named bag or box to put their studs in until they get home when you can help them re-insert them.
PE Clothing
Children are now wearing their PE kit into school on their PE days.  This comprises of:
  • white t-shirt
  • black shorts (black jogging trousers or leggings in colder weather)
  • trainers
  • their green or red school jumper
When COVID-19 restrictions are lifted:
A suitable, named PE bag will make it easier for your child to store their kit in the cloakroom during the week. Plimsolls are no longer recommended as they do not adequately support children’s feet. Gymnastics and dance lessons take place in the hall and children will have bare feet for these activities.