Year 1

Welcome to Year 1
Below are resources to use when learning at home. If you are unable to access these, please ring the school office during opening times. 01237 477262
We would love to see anything that you have been making whilst you are at home.
It might be a lovely picture or something you have made out of lego (check out the challenge cards below).  You might have been baking some delicious cakes or biscuits or something made from junk modelling.
Take a photo and upload it to our blog on Purple Mash - it is a great way to keep in contact with your class mates !!
Take care everyone.
Hi Starfish and Seahorses,
We hope you are all okay and keeping your hands nice and clean!! We are missing you all very much.
We have been busy making sure you have some lovely activities to complete at home on Purple Mash. We are aware that you might have had some trouble logging in, but keep trying. We love seeing the great work that some of you have already done. :)
We have also started a blog on Purple Mash so we can all keep in contact. If you click on "Sharing" icon on Purple Mash - then click on "Shared Blogs" and choose your class you can leave a message for everyone.
The Joe Wicks workout (The Body Coach) on You Tube offers a new fitness activity every morning at 9am which will help you keep active, get your heart rate up and is a great start to your morning.
Sending you all lots of love,
Mrs Buckeridge, Mrs Rashley, Mrs Ferris, Mrs Waters and Miss Lawrence 
Resources below are duplicates of those above but in PDF for those who do not have access to Microsoft.
There are two classes in Year 1. Seahorse Class and Starfish Class. We work closely as a year group throughout the year. Please keep an eye on our website for updates. 
Seahorse Class
Class Teacher - Mrs Buckeridge
Teaching Assistant  - Mrs Waters
Starfish Class
Class Teachers - Mrs Ferris (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Rashley (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)
Teaching Assistant - Miss Lawrence
Spring term 2
We had an exciting start to the Spring term where a letter in a bottle was found!  The letter had travelled all the way from Australia.  We decided to learn about Australia and their animals.
We have been emailing the Wombat Protection Society of Australia to learn more about the curious creatures.  They are currently looking after a pair of wombat babies.
World Book Day!
Year 1 had great fun on World Book Day dressing up as a character from one of their favourite books and completing book activities.  We welcomed our grown ups in at the beginning of the day to share stories.
Spring term 1
We are very happy to welcome back Mrs Rashley this term.  She will be teaching Starfish class every Wednesday through to Friday.  Mrs Ferris will continue to teach on Monday and Tuesday.
Our topic this term is 'Dinosaurs'!  The children were very excited as Mrs Rashley and Mrs Buckeridge saw a tyrannosaurus-rex outside of school!  We've started learning about dinosaurs in class now and we are going to have a dinosaur exhibition at the end of term for parents.
In our English lessons we have been reading The Tiger who came to Tea by Judith Kerr.  The tiger even came in to visit!!  We have been learning lots of new words for 'ate' and 'drank' and have been using them in our writing.
Dinosaur Exhibition
To celebrate our learning from this term, Year 1 set up a dinosaur exhibition in the hall.  We were very lucky to have Mary Anning to welcome our grown ups.  
The exhibition looked fantastic with work from English, science, art and D&T lessons as well as some of the children's home learning.  We were overwhelmed by how many people visited - thank you.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Dinosaur poo!!
Mrs Rashely and Mrs Buckeridge found dinosaur poo outside the classroom.  The children enjoyed investigating what was in the poo to find out whether is was from a herbivore, omnivore or a carnivore.
Autumn 2
At the beginning of this term year 1 found a dragon egg outside their classrooms!!  We had a visit from a dragonologist and found out that it belonged to a fire dragon!  We learnt lots of facts about fire dragons and then studied the text Tell me a Dragon by Jackie Morris.  The children wrote their pages for a class book describing their own dragon which they used printing to create beautiful art work for.
How to Trap a Dragon
We found out that the fire dragon had been back looking for her egg so the children made a trap to capture her.
Have a look at the pictures to see how we made it.
We caught her!  The magic in our trap made the fire dragon shrink and freeze.  We left her eggs for her and the next day she had flown away!
Autumn 1
We had an exciting parcel delivered to school from the zoo! They had sent us a pet! We tried to guess what animal they could have sent us. 
We will be focusing on the text 'Dear Zoo' this term. We have become amazing story tellers and we have begun creating our own version of the story. The children have already produced some fantastic writing and they have only just joined year one! We are working hard to remember capital letters, finger spaces and end marks. 
Please see below, our curriculum letter telling you about all the exciting things we will be doing this term.