Year 2

Our two year 2 classes are called Skylarks and Sandpipers.
Skylark's Class
Class Teacher - Mr Malyn
Sandpiper's Class
Class Teachers - Mrs O'Sullivan
                         Mrs Clarke
Year 2 TAs
Miss Downes
Mrs Harrison
Mrs Robinson
Mrs Mitchell
Please feel free to come and talk to any of the year 2 team if you have any worries.
We feel so lucky in year 2 to be back in our newly refurbished classrooms, with so much more space to enjoy our learning. We are now able to embrace opportunities to learn as a year group, open the doors more often across the classrooms and work as a team. We are excited to have the availability of a large outside area to be able to open our doors onto, in the warmer months but can equally wrap up warm and take our learning outside during the colder days....we are eager to develop this outside learning environment, so watch this space flourish!
The children are really enjoying our topic 'How to train a pirate.' We are delighted to see all the amazing home learning that has been going on, the children really enjoy sharing what they have been up to with their friends and displaying their creations in our year 2 corridor. The year 2 children and team had a great day celebrating our 'Pirates day' thank you to all the parents, family and friends that came along to share valuable time in the classroom.
In class, we are working on expanding and developing our vocabulary. We hope that the children will begin to use words that we have been learning in conversations they are having with you. We are trying to encourage the children to carefully consider and select words that are most powerful in the context they are speaking within.  Please ask your children about this and see what they can tell you...
Key Vocabulary that we are working on in class:
Communicate             Variety              Devious               Opportunity            
                           Moral                     Intimidating
We are working on developing a curiosity for words so please feel free to discuss these words at home!
The year 2's are currently working hard to practise our Christmas play. We are sure you already know some of the songs! We look forward to performing this to you on Thursday 12th December.
Science:  Investigating Absorbency of Materials
We have been developing our understanding of materials by looking at how we can investigate the properties of different materials. The children had to design an investigation to see which material would be most suitable to use to create a Pirate Ship.
It was great to see the children carefully designing their investigation, thinking about how they could make sure that the test was fair. The children were real scientists for the session, taking great care to plan and carry out an investigation that would answer our original question.
If you would like to help your child at home, please continue to encourage your child to read regularly with you. See if your child can tell you about what they have been learning in Maths, can they teach you what they have learnt? We are trying to ensure the children are confident with their number bonds to 10 and use these facts to help them to apply their understanding to number facts to 100. I know 3 + 7 = 10, 30 + 70 = 100.
We had fun making stamps and printing at Appledore art studio.
Pirate Day!
We had a brilliant day on Friday as we celebrated our Pirate Day together. The variety of costumes and outfits were amazing. The children, as always, made a real effort to be a part of their learning. The day started with a treasure hunt, where the children had to solve mathematical puzzles in order to navigate their way around the school. After collecting all of the letters for our code, the children had to crack the code to unlock the treasure chest!
We choreographed a pirate dance which portrayed a sword fight after break time. The children had to listen to the music carefully to decide how the tempo and volume of the music would change their dance. The choreographed dances produced by the children were brilliant!
In the afternoon, we used all of our topic knowledge and our scientific understanding to create our own pirate ships. We had to think about the features of a pirate ship that we have learnt about and used our ideas about materials in order to make careful choices about our ship. We even had some extra helpers as grown ups from home came in to class to help finish the ships!