Year 2

Our two year 2 classes are called Skylarks and Sandpipers.
Skylark's Class
Class Teacher - Mr Malyn
Sandpiper's Class
Class Teachers - Mrs O'Sullivan
                         Mrs Clarke
Year 2 TAs
Miss Downes
Mrs Harrison
Mrs Hooper
Mrs Martin
Mrs Stevenson
Mrs Collins
Mrs Keen
Please feel free to come and talk to any of the year 2 team if you have any worries.
We had a great first half of Spring term learning all about China.
Below are some of the highlights from our learning:
Persuasive letters to the publishers of the story 'The Queen's Dragon.'
Our home learning.
Eating Chinese food.
This half term we are learning all about Space. Our journey has started in English by looking at the book 'We are here, notes for living on planet Earth.' We are excited to design our own planets and recreate notes to live on our planet. We have lots of exciting learning to look forward to and will keep you posted.
This week we have had lots of fun learning about fractions using pancakes. We learnt about the numerator and the denominator. Our challenge was to choose a fraction from the board, we all tried to choose the one that we thought was the biggest. Most of us chose 6/8, we cut the pancake into 8 pieces and then had to show our teacher the fraction we wanted to eat. After eating 6/8 of the pancake, we worked out the fraction that was left and enjoyed eating the remaining 2/8.
We have also been really excited to receive a very important delivery this week. During the last half term, we raised money to adopt a Panda in China. This week our certificate of adoption arrived. You will all get to meet Bambam and Pandy very soon when they come to have a sleepover at your house.