Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Below are resources to use when learning at home. If you are unable to access these, please ring the school office during opening times. 01237 477262
We understand the importance of communication at this time.
Mr. Malyn:
Mrs. Coulson:
Mrs O'Sullivan:
Mrs Clarke:
Please contact us with any worries or questions that you have. We are here to help!

Please read below to find out about a few changes to the home learning.

Changes to the home learning

We have made some changes to the home learning. These changes have been made, due to more children returning to school. Some staff are now in school and others remain at home, overseeing the home learning. To ensure that the provision is similar for all children and to allow more flexibility as parents return to work, we have made adjustments to the home learning provision. The learning has been split into 3 areas: Project based learning, Maths and English. The idea is that the learning can be chosen in any order from the lists and if your child is inspired to be led to take their learning in a different direction and want to find out more, they can. We have attached a timetable that you can follow if you wish or please do not feel tied to following this and select what works within your own situation.

Please feel free to continue to contact your class teacher via email if you want to say ‘Hello’ or have a question you feel it is best they answered.

If you have a home learning related question or want to email any photos of home learning, please email:

Mrs O’Sullivan will be over seeing the home learning in Year 2. So please feel free to email me or chat to me when I’m live on the Purple Mash Blog on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am.

13.07.20 Home learning we are! We have arrived at our last week of the school year! What a strange, yet very memorable year it has been! Thank you all for all your continued hard work and support through these very strange times. Although this is most certainly a different way to end the academic year, we hope you all have a well deserved rest over the summer break and we will make sure we come and see you in your new year groups when we can, on our return. For now, enjoy this last week of home learning, it's a fun week all about 'Transition.' This week we would love you to host a virtual tea party at home and post us a photo, we plan to put all the photos together for everyone to see.  Remember we are live Monday, Wednesday and Friday on Purple Mash at 9am. Have a great week and a lovely summer. Most importantly, stay safe.
A way to keep in touch: 2Blog
We feel that it is very important to stay in touch. We have set up a class blog so that you can send messages to us and your friends in the class! 
To access the blog: Log on to Purple Mash. At the top of the page is a green tab that says 'sharing'. Click on this and then click 'shared blogs'. Then choose your class and it will take you to the blog.
Spread the happiness
You are all so great at making us smile and feel happy everyday, during these uncertain times everyone appreciates kind words and actions. Can you print out or copy a chart similar to this and have a go at spreading the happiness?
Please email us your completed chart.
Virtual PE
Just to remind you all - Don't forget to look on the purple mash PE blog to see the virtual games challenges. These can also be found on the school Facebook page. Results need to be entered following the link on the information given. Have a go and have fun!

Achievements - In school, we always love to celebrate the children’s achievements both in and out of school. We have heard lots of children have been continuing to win lots of competitions and even achieve World Records. If your child has any achievements they have recently been awarded that you would like to share, please do email us and let us know and if you are happy for this to be shared on the school website, please write us a note within the email giving your permission.

Your child's completed learning:
We have had some queries regarding emailing the children's learning to us, please feel free to email your child's work to us daily or weekly if you want us to respond and comment about your child's learning. However, if you would rather keep the learning in a book and show us when we return to school we are happy for you to do that. If you would like to email photos of learning or activities your child is proud of, we would love to see these. Please continue to email us if you need any support or have any questions.
Our two Year 2 classes are called Skylarks and Sandpipers.
Skylark's Class
Class Teacher - Mr Malyn
Sandpiper's Class
Class Teachers - Mrs O'Sullivan
                         Mrs Clarke
Year 2 TAs
Miss Downes
Mrs Harrison
Mrs Robinson
Mrs Mitchell
Please feel free to come and talk to any of the year 2 team if you have any worries.
This term we are learning about China in our topic of 'Different Place, Similar Lives'. We are really enjoying learning about a new culture and have already started to develop understanding of similarities and differences. We, as with all of our topics, are fully immersed in our learning and have already begin the transformation of our corridor!
We will continue to have a focus on vocabulary this half term. We are really enjoying learning new, powerful words and we have noticed that our year 2 children are using an excellent range of words to express themselves across the curriculum. 
The words that we are working on this half term are:
Inspire                  perplexed                 devious              
This half term our topic is 'Great Fire of London.' We have lots of exciting things planned and look forward to sharing these on this page, as we share these with the children.
In class, we are working on expanding and developing our vocabulary. We hope that the children will begin to use words that we have been learning in conversations they are having with you. We are trying to encourage the children to carefully consider and select words that are most powerful in the context they are speaking within.  Please ask your children about this and see what they can tell you...
Key Vocabulary that we are working on in class:
Communicate      Communication     Talented    Optimistic       Variety              Devious               Opportunity      Moral    Intimidating     
We are working on developing a curiosity for words so please feel free to discuss these words at home!
Science:  Exploring healthy living.
Thank you for sending in lots of food and drinks packets for us to explore in our science. We have found it fascinating looking at the sugar content in everyday foods that we eat.  
As part of our science, we were lucky enough to have Kim come in and talk to us about keeping our teeth healthy and how sugar has an effect on our teeth.
If you would like to help your child at home, please continue to encourage your child to read regularly with you. See if your child can tell you about what they have been learning in Maths, can they teach you what they have learnt? We are trying to ensure the children are confident with their number bonds to 10 and use these facts to help them to apply their understanding to number facts to 100. I know 3 + 7 = 10, 30 + 70 = 100.
We had fun making stamps and printing at Appledore art studio.
Pirate Day!
We had a brilliant day on Friday as we celebrated our Pirate Day together. The variety of costumes and outfits were amazing. The children, as always, made a real effort to be a part of their learning. The day started with a treasure hunt, where the children had to solve mathematical puzzles in order to navigate their way around the school. After collecting all of the letters for our code, the children had to crack the code to unlock the treasure chest!
We choreographed a pirate dance which portrayed a sword fight after break time. The children had to listen to the music carefully to decide how the tempo and volume of the music would change their dance. The choreographed dances produced by the children were brilliant!
In the afternoon, we used all of our topic knowledge and our scientific understanding to create our own pirate ships. We had to think about the features of a pirate ship that we have learnt about and used our ideas about materials in order to make careful choices about our ship. We even had some extra helpers as grown ups from home came in to class to help finish the ships!
Please see the timetable for swimming below. Year 2 will swim alternate weeks until the end of the Summer term. Please ensure that your child has a swim hat for every lesson, they are welcome to wear goggles if they wish.
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Transition - Year 2 to Year 3
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