Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Our two Year 2 classes are called Skylarks and Sandpipers.
The Year 2 team:
Skylark's Class
Class Teacher - Mrs Buckeridge
Sandpiper's Class
Class Teachers - Mrs O'Sullivan
                         Mrs Parkhouse
Year 2 TAs
Miss Downes
Mrs Harrison
Miss Lawrence
Mrs Mitchell
Please feel free to email to any of the year 2 team if you have any worries, as it is difficult to speak at the gate, with the current COVID measures. 
If your child is in Sandpiper's class, please could you tag both teachers with any email correspondence so they can be aware of any concerns. Many thanks. 
Mrs Buckeridge -
Mrs O'Sullivan -
Mrs Parkhouse -
Welcome back to the Summer term!
We hope you had a fantastic half term.
What an amazing start to our final term in year 2...welcoming the children back today with a trip to the beach. The children loved spending time with their friends, making sandcastles, playing beach flags, finding things on our scavenger hunt and just having a fun filled day!
Thank you so much to all the parents who were able to support us on our trip. Enjoy having a look at some of the photos below. 
This half term our topic is 'Rubbish and its impact on the world.'
Please have a look at the topic overview to see what we are covering across the curriculum.
We are continuing to develop our vocabulary and the words that we will be learning this term are:
vast     immense     persuade       sustainable       reduce        cause        consequence
certain/uncertain       curious         damaged         endangered         absorbed    marine         decline         pollution          microplastic          degradable          selfish irresponsible            thoughtless
Summer 1
What a great half term it has been being back in school! The children have all worked incredibly hard and have really been enjoying being back with their friends. 
We have enjoyed settling back into school and being able to work collaboratively with our friends. We have had lots of fun learning through the book 'Leaf' by Sandra Diekmann. 
All of us have really embraced learning and using new vocabulary in our classroom and around school. It has been so much fun having our class vocabulary ambassadors, who now challenge every adult to use our word of the day, as they enter our classrooms. This term our new words have been:
glimpse, intrigued, concerned, serene, apprehensive. 
Have a look at some of the photos to see what we have been up to this half term. 
We hope you have a restful half term, fingers crossed for lots of sunshine. We look forward to welcoming the children back on the first day of term when we will have our BEACH DAY!
Summer 2 
Our topic for our final term in Year 2 will be 'The World as a global village.' The focus will be look at the environment and ocean pollution. 
Autumn 2 - Pirates
We hope you have all had a lovely half term break, it has been lovely welcoming the children back into school this week and hearing about what they have been up to during their week off. 
We are so proud of how well the children have come back into school and settled back into this half term. We have had a very exciting afternoon introducing our topic, through our 'Wow' starter.... making pirate ships. The children have had a great afternoon being very ambitious and creative with their designs. They have all worked well in their groups, some children delegated within their group and others worked well collaboratively to achieve their vision. 
We have lots of exciting things planned for this half term and hope the children enjoy learning all about pirates. 
We are always happy and excited to see learning children have completed at home linked to our topic, where possible please take photos and email this into us. The children can then share this with their peers in class. 
This half term our topic is 'Pirates.' 
In class, we are continuing to work on expanding and developing our vocabulary. We hope that the children are beginning to use words that we have been learning, in conversations they are having with you.
Please ask your children about this and see what they can tell you...
Key Vocabulary that we are working on in class:
 Courageous       bold         perplexed        fearless        weathered       tired
We will also be learning lots of pirates terminology which we are sure the children will love to learn: scallywags, sea-shanty, ahoy, shiver-me-timbers.
Purple Mash
In the event of your child needing to self isolate, please use their purple mash logins, sent home at the beginning of term, to find home learning. 
In the event of the Year 2 bubble needing to isolate, we will communicate with the children through the website and the Purple Mash Blog. 
To access the blog: Log on to Purple Mash. At the top of the page is a green tab that says 'sharing'. Click on this and then click 'shared blogs'. Then choose your class and it will take you to the blog.
Here is a selection of our space question and answer pages. We each made a page about space. We used flaps to write questions and answers... our teachers were very impressed with how amazing our final pages looked. 
This half term our topic is 'Space.' We have lots of exciting things planned and look forward to sharing these on this page, as we share these with the children.
In class, we are working on expanding and developing our vocabulary. We hope that the children will begin to use words that we have been learning, in conversations they are having with you. We are trying to encourage the children to carefully consider and select words that are most powerful in the context they are speaking within.  Please ask your children about this and see what they can tell you...
Key Vocabulary that we are working on in class:
Motivate    inspire    ambitious   optimistic    talented   courageous   delighted    marvellous   outstanding
We are working on developing a curiosity for words so please feel free to discuss these words at home!
When the astronaut came to visit...
Year 2 were so lucky to have the astronaut Major Tom Hart come to visit.  The children loved asking him questions about space and what it is like to be an astronaut.  Ask your child about what they found out.
Millie's Marvellous hat
Year 2 received a letter from from a little girl who has lost her hat when at the beach and it got blown over into the school.  We went searching for it and found it in the forest school area!  We then found a book about Millie's hat in the book corner and decided to use it for our English work!
Millie's art work
After reading Millie's Marvellous Hat, year 2 decided they would like to design and make their own hats.  Look at our amazing designs!